You know what a nightlight is. They light up our houses at night so we don’t bump into everything. But is it any help bathroom? Chances are you have to turn on a bright light and hurt your eyes or you end up making a mess. Now there’s a better way. The SmartIllumi is a motion-activated nightlight made just for your bathroom with 16 million colors options and more. You’ll never “go” the same again!

Don’t you hate?
• Missing The Target
• Messy Cleanups
• “Zombie Walking” in the Dark
• Dark and Scary Bathroom Visits for Kids
• Blinding Bright Lights
• Waking The House Up
• Boring Everyday Toilets

Why Will I love it?(Lifestyle benefits) (answer to pain points)
1) Its Motion Activated
2) No More Nighttime Blindness
3) You’ll never miss the target
4) No more Bumps and Bruises
Features (Icons)
• 16Million Colors
• Motion-Activated Infrared Sensor
• Adjustable Brightness
• 2 Light Modes
• Smart App Control
• Rechargeable 3 Month Battery
• Universal Fit
• Water Resistant
Decorate your Toilet with 16 Million Colors
Choose from over 16 million color options and light up your toilet in style. You’ll have the hottest toilet on the block!
Motion Activated Sensor
The infrared sensor will detect when you’re near and automatically light up so you can see exactly where you’re “going” – without lifting a finger. When you’re done, it shuts itself off.
6 Adjustable Brightness Settings
You can set the brightness to the exact level you want, whether you need a little light or you like living on the bright side.
2 Light Modes to Choose from
SmartIllumi lights up in two different modes, Solid and Carousel. Solid mode lights up in the single color of your choice, while Carousel will automatically cycle between your chosen colors every four seconds. You can even switch modes at the touch of the button with the SmartIllumi’s onboard button!
Custom App Gives You Full Control
With the SmartIllumi App, you can customize the light colors, adjust your brightness settings, choose from 6 brightness settings and control multiple SmartIllumi all in one place! It makes it super easy to get the most out of your SmartIllumi.
Rechargeable 3 Month Battery
Every SmartIllumi has a built-in battery that will last 3 months per charge! Plus, it’s fully rechargeable so you’ll never have to worry about changing the battery.
Universal Fit
One size fits all. No matter what size your toilet isSmartIllumi will fit it perfectly. Just clip it on and see it shine.
Water Resistant
You don’t have to worry about splashing water damaging the SmartIllumi, its solid construction makes it water resistant.